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Thread: Web Tier APIs

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    Question Web Tier APIs

    hi everyone,
    I would like to integrate pentaho in a complex web application. I suppose that the best way to integrate it is via web services because this solution is a very agile way and it guarantees about the isolation of pentaho-bi.

    I read these documents

    but there are no samples about that.

    I would like to know if these web services api are avaible on pentaho-ce and I also want to know if someone has ever used this api via web service.

    I hope someone can help me.

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    Hello DeepYou

    I don't know very much. But look at the integration of google maps with pentaho. It's possible this would help you.

    Execute the example of google maps int your bi.

    Then Look at this lines of this file:


    Search about:
    and this

    and then loookt at this three files

    \biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions\system\custom\template.html (i dont remember if is this or an other)

    Finally look at this files in this path


    It's possible this process help's you.

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    Thanks so much for your response but what you suggested me is not what I really need. Maybe I expained wrong my problem but what I need is excatly what is described in these links:

    i want to integrate pentaho programmatically, better via REST service, for example i would like givin' to the end user of my application, with the same login, the ability to create modify reports, open OLap view etc.

    What you described is just a static, no programamtic way, very far for my need, check the links above to have an idead about my needs.

    Thanks a lot for the answer.
    I hope someone har the experience and knowledge to help me.


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    Hello DeepYou

    Upps Ok i don't know sorry.

    I hope you search the response soon.

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