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Thread: How could I let one schema file include other schema?

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    Question How could I let one schema file include other schema?

    We have 5-6 Systems, and each system let different member to maintain.

    So I want create schema files for each systems' member to maintain , but parts of dimension are the same in these system.

    How could I let one schema file include other schema?

    or others comment for sharing these situation solution?

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    One thing I've done in the past is drive schema creation from a servlet. That allows doing things like using a template and swapping in the just the features that change from customer to customer. You can configure your datasource.xml to point to the URL of the servlet, passing whatever customer identifier you need per separate catalog. You can even go one further and have the datasource.xml dynamically generated. I should note that when I used this technique I was not using biserver--this is probably not an option if you are.

    I'm sure there are other ways to approach this, though-- anyone else have suggestions?
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    May be using Kettle to merge XMLs together will do good? The Kettle job/transformation can be then natively used on the Pentaho bi-server.

    Also it will be good considering the usage of version control on the server (refreshing in automatic mode on schedule) to get the actual versions from your peers (this is completely the same as general development process).

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