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Thread: Problem using MonetDB jndi data source for CDE

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    Default Problem using MonetDB jndi data source for CDE

    When i use mysql as a jndi data source, it takes in parameters and works beautifully. However, I am now trying to switch to MonetDB jndi, and the sql query works great if I don't put in any parameters into it. However, on MondetDB jndi's data source, when I do try to put a parameter in, the component becomes 'error processing component.' I've tried even the simplest parameter, for example: "where a_field_name = ${aValueParam}" where ${aValueParam} is set to Integer in CDE.

    Any ideas on how to get MonetDB jndi Data Source to accept and use parameters via CDE?

    Thank you!

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    A fix was found: update to the latest MonetDB jdbc driver.

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