Hello all =) , Can someone point me to the right direction? it looks like the metadata security

I defined on a metadata model is not being passed through the BI server.

To expound on that -- I created a user "x" with only an "Authenticated" role, and under this

user session there was literaly no metadata "columns" on my successfully published metadata "m"

on BI server, I cant seem to figure out why

On metadata security properties of my model I have included user "x" in all business tables

with permissions "execute" , I tried it additionally with "subscribe" and even "all" but the

published metadata's ("m") columns are still missing.

Though my newly created mondrian/analytics cube with role permissions for "Authenticated"

defined in schema workbench is working correctly.. I have currently have a setting of "one is

to one role mapper" on spring objects.xml.

Am I missing some configuration in any pentaho system *.xml file?