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Thread: Bad performance in Swing PreviewDialog

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    Default Bad performance in Swing PreviewDialog

    I'm experiencing very bad performance of the reporting engine embedded in a Java application using the Swing PreviewDialog.
    The reports I'm generating aren't that big (not more than 1500 rows). But the layouting process takes a lot of time - I think something is configured wrong on my side ..
    I noticed that my EHCache is not configured correctly because the Console prints something like 'Failed to create data cache: null' and 'Unable to create valid cache, returning <null>'
    I tried to place the ehcache.xml file somewhere in the project, but this had no effect. Could the EHCache be the reason?
    I've read a lot about inline subreports and all those general performance tips - so I think I'm following all the main points.
    I hope there is some kind of lazy loading option to tell the PreviewDialog just to display the first page and calculate all the other pages in the background.
    Switching from page to page also takes some seconds..

    Any one an idea?

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    So no one an idea?

    Maybe someone knows how I can get the EHCache running? Where do I have to place the ehcache.xml file?


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    1500 rows does not sound like it is a huge amount of data. EHCache only helps with speeding up the query time if you use a large number of subreports with the same query and parameter combination. So in your case it would not amount to a noticeable speedup.

    Like any other layouting engine, Pentaho reporting is mainly limited by the amount of data printed. if you had only one row of data, but make it contain Shakespeare's collected works, layouting would be 'damn slow'. At the same time, 1500 rows of primitive numbers is quick to print.

    The preview dialog does indeed show the first page and omits the rendering of all other pages, but before we can show you that page, we have to go through the process of pagination. This ensures that your report can show totals that are correct. We would not know the final number of pages or the final sums if we don't process the full report at least once.

    Can you post your PRPT file?

    (If you download the latest Trunk version, you can even anonymize the content rather easily so that we can still gauge the impact of the layout, without you having to reveal company secrets. Download that version from our CI system.)
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    I am facing same problem and using ehcache.xml to resolve this. I wanted to know that, Does delay of lot of time is introduced by reporting engine process large amout of data and genearation report? or this delay is just because of layouting process done by layouting engine?

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