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Thread: Is CDC project alive?

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    Default Is CDC project alive?

    Based on questions in this forum and also my experience it doesn't work with Pentaho 4.8.0, mondrian 3.5 and even CDA. Hazelcast cache simply isn't used. Trying to manually configure Mondrian to use it leads to all kind of ClassNotFound exceptions.
    Relevant questions without answers on this forum are

    Can somebody provide more information if it's possible to make it working with Pentaho 4.8.0?

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    Why are you manually configuring Mondrian to use CDC?

    The correct approach is to install CDC, access the CDC UI and just click Enable. Does that not work for you ?
    I'm using CDC with mondrian/CDA in a 4.8 and I don't recall needing to configure mondrian manually
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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