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Thread: Exclude some of the columns while exporting to excel in CDA

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    Default Exclude some of the columns while exporting to excel in CDA

    I am using CDE to create dashboard and that has list of records displayed using table component and used export to excel functionality.

    I want to exclude some of the columns while exporting to the excel.

    Lets say - I am showing X, Y and Z column on UI and while exporting I want to just show X and Y only in the excel.

    Can any one please help me to solve it?


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    You'll probably have to build some custom code but I think you can use the output modes in cda for that. I think those control which columns appear, so when you call CDA you use an extra url parameter that tells cda which output mode to use.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    Do anyone done anything relating to this?


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