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Thread: Calling SQL query from button component

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    Default Calling SQL query from button component

    Hi !

    I would like to insert a line in DB when I click on a button component.
    I created a SQL query over Jndi that does the insert with the required parameters in the Data Sources tab,
    but I wonder if it's possible to call that query from the button function.

    Thanks !

    PS : I can also include the query directly inside the function if needed !

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    I think you can create a parameter which will change when you click on the button component.
    Add this parameter to the datasource's listenner.

    The request will be executer each time you click on this button.

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    Thanks for the information !
    Do you know what kind of component I should use as the datasource's listener ? I tried with the QueryComponent, but it doesn't seem to work.
    And it does not come from the database, I checked and I have all rights on it.

    Edit : it's working ! I used a stored procedure and called it in the SQL datasource ("call proc(arg1,arg2,..)") and it's fine now.
    But for anyone attempting this be careful about the types you want in your proc !
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    Can you elaborate on this a bit more. I have a text area input component, whose input is I want to save in a kettle transformation.
    I want to call that kettle datasource on a button click. so that all the data from the text area can be sent.
    How do you add listener to datasource? Because I cannot ind the option for listener in the kettle datasource, it just has parameters and variables.

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    Hi all,

    In recent CDE+CDF versions, the button component support calling a datasource when clicked. Just open "Advanced Properties" in CDE.
    If you are trying to send the contents of a text input to the server, associate a parameter to the text input component, say "textParameter", and then configure a datasource for the button component that uses textParameter as a parameter.

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    Rempan ... hello .. you could insert a row line in your database? Is there any solution for this .. let me know if there ok !.

    thank you

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