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Thread: Embedding Pentaho Report in iFrame. It includes Links which break out of the Iframe

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    Default Embedding Pentaho Report in iFrame. It includes Links which break out of the Iframe


    we try to embed a Pentaho Report inside an iframe.

    This report includes Links to other reports.
    Unfortunately, if we click such a link, Pentaho breaks out of the iframe.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    We tried to set the Hyperlink to ="_SELF" in Pentaho Designer, but this didn't help, as it seems it's not active.

    The reports get deployed on the BI Server.

    Iframe Link looks like this:

    <iframe name="reporter" src=";name=rolloutmonitor.prpt&amp;userid=joe&amp;password=password&amp;region_id=12&amp;output-target=table%2Fhtml%3Bpage-mode%3Dpage&amp;showParameters=true&amp;renderMode=REPORT&amp;htmlProportionalWidth=true"
    width="100%" height="700" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    Offending generated link looks like this:
    <a class="style-2" target="_parent" href=";solution=Reports&amp;path=&amp;name=rolloutmonitor_sub.prpt">100789</a>

    We use prd-ce-3.9.1-GA.

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    Someone somewhere in your PRPT defined a drill-linking and explicitly specified "_parent" as link target. We treat user-input as sacred and do attempt to preserve the intention of the report writer.

    So track down the author of the report and have a nice, long talk to them about the evilness of their ways in your organization.
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