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Thread: Minimum tick distance for timeSeries

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    Default Minimum tick distance for timeSeries

    I'm feeding a CCC dot chart a query that has data grouped by week. I have timeSeries = True as some weeks will be missing from the query.

    Is it possible to set a minimum tick distance to be set for 7 days?

    The data is in format %Y-%m-%d

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    There's no option for setting the minimum distance between ticks, whether it's by specifying the minimum px-distance between labels, or the minimum precision.

    There's an extension point you can use though that allows forcing the tick distance (precision) to a specified value of milliseconds.

    baseAxisScale_dateTickPrecision : 604800000 // 7 days (in code, you can use pvc.time.intervals.d7)

    If you can't live with a fixed precision, you can calculate a desired precision in the chart component's postFetch handler.

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