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Thread: CBF - Building Pentaho 4.8.x

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    Default CBF - Building Pentaho 4.8.x


    I've been using the CBF to build deployments of Pentaho 4.8.0-stable for a while now and all has been well. However, there are a few recent fixes in the 4.8.1.x (or the 4.8.2-GA) branches that would be useful to pick up. I thought the process would simply involve checking out the required branch and updating the dependency and project revisions in the CBF config to match and then re-running the build,
    however, Ivy fails to resolve its dependencies when I do this. I wondered if anyone else had experience of building anything later than the 4.8.0-stable branch using the CBF tool and if they were able to shed any light on what the required configuration revisions should be.


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    There were some recent changes that had to be done to the tags to allow resolving some stuff. Take a look at it, may be a similar issue
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    paste your missing dependencies and I'll have a look at it for you

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