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Thread: handling many to many relations in mondrian

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    Default handling many to many relations in mondrian

    Hi ,

    How do we handle many to many relation ship in mondrian. I will give 2 scenarios
    1. In the below scenario ,customer to account and account to customer is a many to many . And so to do that we need a bridge table (CustomerAccount) that holds the mapping . How do I handle this scenario using Mondrian (to bring the CustomerAccount table) . In this case the output I need should not aggregated at the customer level as it leads to recounting(but should only be aggregated at the account level and then values shown duplicated at the customer level )

    2. For the sales and salesreason scenario, where I have a fact table which has the Fact_Sales and a Sales_Reason bridge table,here I would like to see the total sales aggregated to each sales reason(this includes recounting as opposed to the above scenarios)

    What is the best way to implement this with Mondrian ?

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    Mondrian does not currently support many-to-many, and will do nothing to handle the semi-additive measures that arise. There is a desire for adding support in the not-too-distant future, though- vote for MONDRIAN-1572 if it's important to you.

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    You may create necessary VIEWs in your DB to make Mondrian do its usual job fine.

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    Hi pled76. Can you explain this suggestion?

    I am trying to find a way to describe the implementation that is in this image in Mondrian.

    Name:  relation.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by pled76 View Post
    You may create necessary VIEWs in your DB to make Mondrian do its usual job fine.
    Last edited by yuri; 08-30-2013 at 06:58 PM.

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    yuri, please, specify what particularly you want to show in the cube?

    From the provided info one can only derive the trivial example (if you were more specific in your request, the "*" in the provided "select" would be something more precise):

    create view v_agente_ficha as
    select *
    from dim_agente_bridge ab
    join ficha f on f.dim_agente_bridge_sk =
    join dim_agente a on = ab.dim_agente_sk

    And there is no "many-to-many" problem here to solve, so the question, possibly, is off-topic for this thread.

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