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Thread: Change CDE Export CSV Change Separator

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    Default Change CDE Export CSV Change Separator

    Is it possible to change the CSV separator character from the default ";" to a ","?

    I've found a file - "system/cda/" but changing it here doesn't seem to have an effect. Is there somewhere else I can change?

    Also is is possible to set the formatting for columns when exporting to an xls file? I'm exporting (in my file) the number "123456" but when I open the file it appears as "123,456.00".


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    No, that's the proper way of changing the separator. What cda version are you using ?

    As for formatting the columns in excel, you can define and use a template xls file. Configure its columns as you wish and that's it. Otherwise, you'll get the default excel formats for the data types.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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