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Thread: How to Create Dial Chart Component..

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    Exclamation How to Create Dial Chart Component..

    M able to create all of the other charts available in Pentaho CDE but not getting stuck while creating Dial Chart Component..
    I set the all basic parameters correctly, m confident about it, but when i click on preview, it shows nothing..

    Please someone let me know all the basic steps which ll show the sample Dial chart..

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    I have the same problem as you. When I click preview, I have a blank page...
    Did you find the solution ?

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    This also happens for me, along with several other charts like the boxplot chart. I dont have a tomcat screen open up on linux when I run the server, and there are no issues in catalina.out or pentaho.log.

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    Dear Decarlo,

    Dou you have this porblem still?
    On bi-server-ce 4.8 i have problems with JPivot and some other charts, but CGG Dial Chart is perfect.
    I have a query component which gets back the valu for the dialchart and this component's "post execute" script set that generic variable whish is the "Listener" value at the dial chart component too.
    If You want, you can use other queries to declare the intervals dedicated values.
    In my test I use a button to set another values for colors end intervals (my dial chart name is: dialchartOne) atthe "Expression" section:

    Here is the CDE definition from the HTML source:
    var render_dialchartOne = {
    type: "cggDial",
    name: "render_dialchartOne",
    priority: "5",
    executeAtStart: true,
    parameter: "SolrResults",
    colors: ["white","yellow","cyan","lightgreen","orange","red"],
    intervals: ["5","10","50","100","500","1000"],
    htmlObject: "dialchart",
    preExecution: function f(){
    // this.intervals=["20","40","80","200","400"];

    listeners: ['SolrResults'],
    width: 300,
    height: 200

    I hope I can help you.
    I have proplems also and don't like the un answered posts.

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