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Thread: Group with dynamic hint takes space on generated report

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    Default Group with dynamic hint takes space on generated report

    Hi there,

    i am a new use of pentaho report designer (using Version 3.9.1-GA.16112) and i have a usecase that i don't really understand:

    I am connected to a mysql-database. I have configured a query that offers (next to other results) the "field" XY_VALUE which is of type integer. if [XY_VALUE] equals zero i dont want the group item in the "Structure-view" to be not visible. So i assign to the visible style the value '=NOT([XY_VALUE]=0)' and i have a label in the page footer "NO data available" to which i assign the visible style value '=[XY_VALUE]=0'.

    This works pretty much as expected... But... The Report is 3 pages long and the middle page and most of the first page and last page are pretty empty. Now i wonder why this would be? Why does the report contain this empty spaces?


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    This depends on where you place that formula. The "group" itself is not a displayed element and thus cares little about the visibility. Add the same formula to the "group-header" and the "details" section, and you will see the data disappear as desired (without taking up space).
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