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Thread: Setting up a "Scripting" formula in a Kettle transformation

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    Default Setting up a "Scripting" formula in a Kettle transformation

    I have a "Scripting" formula (node) connected to my incoming records. I want to flag (with a value of 1) the records that have a given field with values that are out of range and to output the result in a new column, which I named in the formula node. So, in the formula node I have...

    IF (AND ([given_field] >= 300; [given_field] <= 880); 0; 1)

    When I execute a "Preview" in the formula node, I get the following error message:

    2013/09/03 13:52:20 - Transformation TEST 2 - ERROR (version 4.2.1-stable, build 15952 from 2011-10-25 15.27.10 by buildguy) : Errors detected!

    The node that supplies the data to this formula node runs successfully. How does the above formula in blue need to be changed to run successfully?

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    Is given_field <null>/NA at any time in the run? If so, you have to wrap it into a IFNA or ISNA function.
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