When using Pentaho Metadata Editor (PME), I cannot create queries with Selected Columns like the following:
SELECT COUNT(*), isnull(columnName, 'UNKNOWN'), 'A HARDCODED VALUE' as ThirdColumn FROM tableX

PME details: I am using 'pme-ce-4.0.0-stable' downloaded from <https://sourceforge.net/projects/pentaho/files/Pentaho%20Metadata/4.0.0-stable/>

Observations: PME allows aggregations to be defined on 1 row or Business Column at a time, not on multiple columns using (*)

Can a SELECT statement be built using API (if not the Editor itself) for the following selected columns:

  1. SELECT COUNT(*) ...
  2. Functions like SELECT isnull(...) ...
  3. Static values like SELECT 'A HARDCODED VALUE' as ThirdColumn ...

Is this just an editor limitation? Is it possible that a consumer of the metadata can use API to generate this type of SQL with the above characteristics? If so please point out the javadoc or API name that I can refer to