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Thread: Deleting multiple files in Pentaho 5.0

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    Question Deleting multiple files in Pentaho 5.0


    I have scheduled a report in Pentaho 5.0 and it is storing in the user's home folder (which is default location). I just need to delete some of the report outputs. Suppose the output location have 100 output files and we want to delete 7. out of 100. It will be very odd to delete all the 70 output one by one.

    Is there any way to delete more than one outputs at once.

    Please help to get it.

    I am using Pentaho 5.0


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    You can achieve this by log-in to pentaho console using Admin .
    go to administration tab --> settings tab-----> under Schedule deletion of generated files click on edit , you can find scheduled job setting like below
    " Delete generated files older than "x" days using the following rules " in place of "X" replace with days .

    Surya Thanuri

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    I checked this option but it is not the solution of my issue.
    Suppose on the same day by mistake you ran a report 10 times and now you realize that it was your mistake and now you want to delete 9 out of 10 outputs.

    If we use the DELETE NOW option then it is possible that other report output (which ran today and importent) also will be deleted with these 9 outputs what we want to delete.

    As per Pentaho for time being deleting multiple files is not possible.


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    I have same issue, my home's folder have 1000 files that generate from my Schedule. I set "Delete generated files older than 0 day" and "Delete Now". Waiting for 1 minute, and wonderful! Every generated files is gone... But my Dashboard files (and other files I created) is still...

    Let's try!

    I hope Pentaho should add helpful feature like "Select All" and "Delete Selected", but now it solved my problem.

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