Hello All,
Greetings !

I am downloading multiple zip files from FTP each of over 2GB in size. I have tried in bulilt PDI solution but it fails.
After that I have Moveitfreely command line utility it is working fine in some scenarios,but some time it close connection and not resuming file download.
errror is like this :

INFO 27-09 11:11:25,760 - get_zip_name - (stdout) 350 restarting at 2119750403 - send STOR or RETR to initiate transfer.
INFO 27-09 11:11:25,976 - get_zip_name - (stdout) 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for sample.zip.
INFO 27-09 11:11:26,380 - get_zip_name - (stdout) 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.

Moveitfreely resumes file downolad some time easily but as file size increases it is not working.