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    Default Json Input

    I am using pentaho spoon 4.3 version.
    I am trying to perform ETL transcation. WHile I am trying to give Json Url as input and expecting Json Output when I am running I am getting only one row of out put but not the entire output in json & It is not showing any output while running transformation.

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    Hi ,

    are u sure that respective fields have more than one entry in file (or) can u pls give a try with different fields (or) can you please post your .js file and fields that you need as output.
    It is not showing any output while running transformation. does this mean , no updated ouput in Execution results log.


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    Hi Surya,

    I found the error in my transformation. Its because of the Nr rows in a bloc in the JsonOutput step which is set to 1 by default. If I change the value to 0 , the transformation produces the total Json output will all my rows.

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    Is there a way to produce complex Json output without using Java and JavaScript coding in Pentaho Kettle.

    I have two Json input files. One has the product details and the other has product part details. Product ID is the mapping field between them.

    A product record can have multiple product part records.

    The final Json Output I can expecting should be a combined records for both the Json inputs. So for each Product Json object there will be an Json array with the product parts.

    Does anyone have thoughts on how to achieve this.


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