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Thread: CTools Bar Chart Colors

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    Default CTools Bar Chart Colors

    Hi guys,
    I need to generate a very simple bar chart showing:

    A - 43
    B - 46
    C - 26

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    But I need each of these 3 bars to have a different color.
    Is this doable without "grouping" the series?


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    so you want to make the bar color change per category?

    Specify the option «colorRole: 'category'».
    This will bind the visual element's color to the 'category' dimension.
    Hiding the legend might be a good idea, as it will contain redundant information.

    This can be done whether or not you have a series dimension.
    In this type of chart, when there's no data for the series dimension, one is still created.
    All rows will have a null value, and thus belong to the same "inexistent" series.

    The color is, by default, bound to the "series" dimension(s) value.
    But you can change this and let the "series" dimension only affect visual element connectedness, stacking groups, etc.

    Edit: just remembered, there's a boxplot example showing this same technique.
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