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Thread: How to create new file repository on Linux with command line interface

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    Default How to create new file repository on Linux with command line interface

    We are working on Windows 7, with the newest Kettle 4.4.0. Everything is working fine with our jobs, but now we have to use them on Linux and on a command line version. Unfortunately I have no experience with Linux.

    We are using File repository, and as I expected, I cannot just copy the jobs and transformation on the Linux's kettle, I have to make a new repository and import the files as exported from the Windows version. I have found this link for the importing, but nothing for making a new file repository from the command line interface.

    My problem is that we have to work on Windows, and only run the jobs on the Linux server. So for now, "merging" from Windows to Linux should be a common thing (every week or so).

    I'll be happy for any suggestions on my problem. May be there is a different way for exporting from Windows to Linux.


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    I see a three step process:

    1. Create a directory in a suitable place on your Linux system using mkdir
    2. Register this directory as a file repository with Kettle using spoon
    3. Deploy your jobs and transactions from Windows to Linux

    In case nobody has access to spoon on the server, you can modify repositories.xml directly.
    If you don't feel comfortable with sed and the like, you can use your local spoon and transfer the XML file.
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    Thank you for the reply!
    We've followed the instructions but we still can't register a directory as a file repository in Linux.
    Can someone give some advice how to do this?

    What we've done so far is:
    1. Created a new directory to be used as a file repository.
    2. Created .kettle directory and added it as KETTLE_HOME
    3. Copied repositories.xml from Windows to .kettle (in Linux)
    4. Copied jobs and transformations in the file repository directory.
    Unfortunatelly the repository isn't recognied when we try to run a job which uses several transformations...

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    When you start up spoon on your Linux machine you get theoption to create a repository. You choose one of three options: Enterprise,File or Database.
    Choose File and I think you will understand from there. It sounds like you have copied the jobs outside of Pentaho. You must create the repository in Pentaho.
    I have chosen Enterprise Repository for my work.
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    We cannot use spoon, we can only use command line interface. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have these problems.

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    Modify the following for your system, and save it as the appropriate user's repositories.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <repository>    <id>KettleFileRepository</id>
      </repository>  </repositories>
    Make sure that the value in base_directory matches what you create to store the files in (the example above is storing the files in: /opt/pentaho/data_integration/transforms
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    We find something like a solution. Every time we have to declare what repository to use, before running the job. When we run the job we specify that repository in the "run" command. It was pure luck that we've found that. Now we have to put this in crontab commands list. But that is a different subject. If this is not the way it should be done you could tell, but at the moment we do not have any other solution.

    Thank you all. Without your help we would not get this far.

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