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Thread: Auto Includes and CDF

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    Default Auto Includes and CDF


    I'm having a bit of trouble getting auto includes to work. Having looked at this blog post

    and this page

    I have setup the following paths

    The CDA file I am trying to include is in

    The dashboard I am executing is in

    Inside the CDA file I have the following

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <Connection id="1" type="sql.jndi">
        <DataAccess id="getURL" connection="1" type="sql" access="public" cache="true" cacheDuration="3600">
                select ${wmURL} as wm_url
                <Parameter name="wmURL" type="String" default="${[session:wmUrlCont]}"/>
    So the call to the context I have been using is

    This is always coming up as undefined. I have checked that the session variable wmUrlCont is in the session using psi-probe and that is all fine.

    Is there something wrong with the way I have setup the include paths, or is the way I'm accessing the context incorrect? Having read the description of how this all works I would expect to be seeing another call to /content/cda/doQuery for the data access id's in the CDA file , would this be correct?

    Thanks for any help on this,


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    Hi stevens
    I checked this under all last stable builds (13.09.10) and I wasn't able to reproduce it. To check this I used one cda sample queries, located in the plugin-samples/cda/cdaFiles (sql-jndi.cda). I placed that query in /cdf/includes/myFolder and created a dashboard inside /myFolder. After render my dashboard I contains the result set. It is located in Dashboard.context.queryData.(your query id)
    Can you please try to follow these steps and check if it is still reproducible on your side?

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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I tried your example using

    It still didn't work, so I moved the dashboard so it was in the top level folder so we now have the cda file in here

    And the dashboard in here

    Which is the same as your example.

    Not sure what we're doing wrong here, is there a way of listing things that are available in the Dashboards context?



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