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Thread: Calling KTR from java program with modified properties

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    Default Calling KTR from java program with modified properties


    I have a Avro Input step from which I am dumping the parsed records to a text file output. When I run this from the spoon GUI it runs flawlessly. But when I try to run this from Java using PDI SDK it gives an error something like this: Unable to load XML for step/plugin with ID [AvroInput] - please make sure the plugin is under plugins subdirectory in your KETTLE distribution.

    The AvroInputMeta class is in pentaho-big-data-plugin.jar file which is actually inside plugins/big-data-plugins directory. Even after placing the jar inside plugins directory and even in the build path I am getting the error. Please help me on this.

    Also can someone tell me if I can set some values in a particular KTR step? Suppose I have a text file output step in my KTR and I want to set the filename from my java code instead of the GUI. I don't want to create a dynamic transformation. I just want to modify the existing filename. How can I do this? Any response is appreciated.

    I am using PDI 4.4.0 CE stable version.


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    I believe your working directory must be where PDI resides (such as where Spoon is), or perhaps you can set the KETTLE_HOME environment variable

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    Worked..!! Thanks mattb..\m/

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