I am facing a tricky situation. I had the trial of the PDI 4.4 Enterprise Edition installed and developed some Transformations and Jobs for a proof of concept, when the trial period expired (I know I should have kept track of that, so shame on me...). I would be more than happy to keep developing using the Community Edition, but I would have to export my content first. Unfortunately, with the license expired, I can no longer access the Data Integration client or the Enterprise portal to kick off a repository export. I was using a simple standard file repository, no db-based Enterprise repo.

Is the file repo stored as a regular xml file somewhere on the file system, so can back it up / restore manually after I uninstall EE / reinstall CE? Is there any other way to export my content after the license is expired or do I have to contact Sales support asking for an extension of the trial period (which they may or may not grant)?

any help is mightily appreciated!!! This is somewhat critical to me...