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Thread: CSV-File-Input does not import integer-data correctly

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    Default CSV-File-Input does not import integer-data correctly


    i have written a transformation to import integer-data from a csv file. Yesterday my customer delivered a dataset with an string instead of integer: let's say 123-456-789. The csv-file-input step imports the data submitted without any error, but only the numbers up to the first "minus" were read from file, that means only "123" has been imported.

    I am supprised about this behaviour: I had expected, that PDI raises an error during casting "123-456-789" to integer, instead of cutting the string.

    Can anybody explain me this behaviour? Does a solution exist, how to prevent the csv-input-step to load "wrong" data?

    I have verified this with the latest nightly build of PDI 5, too. Same problem...

    Thank you


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    There is a simple reason for this behavior: Internally, type conversion is done using method parse() from class java.text.NumberFormat. This method eats as many characters from a string as can be matched by the chosen format.
    You will have to validate the field values before conversion.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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