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Thread: Assistance passing variables for sftp job

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    Default Assistance passing variables for sftp job

    From what I gather, this is entirely possible, but I'm not finding the exact documentation for doing this.

    I have a very simple job. It uses get file sftp mostly.

    Setting that up isn't really an issue, what is an iss is that I've been asked to make it more modular so we can user it for other clients.

    So, it's been suggested that we read the config from a txt file.

    This is how I think the workflow should go.

    Read in csv file with sftp setting. Site name, port, directory, username, password, local directory, etc...

    Then I need to pass those variables along the chain to the sftp job, where it looks like I can use a variable like $(SERVER_NAME), ${PORT}, etc... in the actual config fot get file sftp.

    Is that possible and and anyone point out more specific docs then just the named parameter page?


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    The Set Variables job entry might be a good option. It can read a properties file and define those variables for you. There could be a different properties file for each client.
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    Have a transformation which has Excel Input to set variables(copy rows to result, in case we need to use loop). In excel input all the ftp parameters are imported and set to variables.

    Call the transformation inside a job and add SFTP step , inside that give the parameters as variables or URI (refer )

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