I'm trying to use Vertica as my DW database.

But I'm facing the following problem:

When I start my JOB to load dimensions (Combination lookup/update) and fact (Table Output) tables, my process achieve a peak of 11 simultaneous queries. If I have PLANNEDCONCURRENCY = 10 I get an error about no memory to execute plan on general pool, but If I have PLANNEDCONCURRENCY = 12 the process runs without problem.

The error also happen if MAXCONCURRENCY is less than 11. So MAXCONCURRENCY / PLANNEDCONCURRENCY work as a constraint that when simultaneous queries achieve those limits kettle stops to work until timeout (300s).

A person on forum-vertica.com is trying to help me for 2 weeks but no success. I think is missing some details on kettle to work fine.

Any help ?

Kleyson Rios.