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Thread: Transformation executor

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    Default Transformation executor


    Did anyone get the transformation executor working in PDI 5.1? It would greatly simplify loops but I keep getting 'unexpected errors'. Are there any sample ktrs somewhere using parent variables in a child transformation or is there any documentation about this adapter? I tried a similar flow as the job executor sample but to no avail.

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    good question - see this jira - I and others on the forum cannot get it to work either

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    It was already fixed ?
    How can I get work ?

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    I would give you some 'unofficial' and 'without any warranity' insights how to see jira cases.

    This particular case is fixed. But it does not menas it is in 5.0.2. If you know, PDI/Pentaho have master, 5.0 and 4.4 branches on github.
    That meas most of jira cases first will be fixed for master branch first and only.

    To get this bug fix for 5.0.X or for 4.8.X this fix sohould became service patch - and be included in next service patch (I asume they are published once per 2-3 month) process and pass it.

    If you can see pull request for this bug/jira-case - you can check pull request status. If it is merged - it 95% is already i master code base. But you can be sure only for CE edition. I heard EE edition is built on CE code base separately. You can obtain nightly unofficial CE build from This is CI (continious integration) for master barnch and CE version of kettle.

    You can download this build and check that it is properly fixed. If not - don't hesistate to add comments to closed bug - or even better - create new issue - and write about what is fixed improperly and all what do you think about pentaho developers java coding skills.

    this is CI for patched 4.8: (just for today - this link has no warranity)
    this is for 5.0: (just for today without any warranity)
    This is NOT a official distro do not use it for production.

    Also you can check git history. PDI code base is under git source control since last year autumn. Every fixed bug usually have a commit name like 'PDI-XXX - bug name'.
    Personally I usually use 'git log | grep PDI-XXX' comand to see this particular bug fix already in codebase.

    Hope this may help.

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    The issue persist on PDI PDI 5.1. In my case i solve using Mapping (sub-transformation) step. Check samples files in your local pdi installation.

    - data-integration\samples\mapping\Mapping - simple mapping.ktr
    - data-integration\samples\mapping\Mapping - use simple mapping.ktr


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