CE release

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news should be obvious by now. Unlike mentioned on my previous blog post, we're past mid-october and there's no release yet.

The good news start with the reason for this delay. We're waiting for the patch release of 5.0.1, that will include a bunch of important bug fixes that we want to include in the CE release. This will result in a more stable, better release that in my oppinion will justify the delay.

All the specific changes that I mentioned we wanted to do for CE, they're all done! So as soon as 5.0.1 is released we'll have the code merge, we'll trigger the build, send it to QAfor a smoke test, repeat this process until we're satisified with the build and then release. In terms of timing? Replace mid-october with early November.

But hey - you can test it already! By downloading from CI a build of BISERVER-CE you'll be able to get a version that is very close to the final one. Help us test it and report any issues you find.
CTools conversion

Good news on this front. We are currently testing the CTools on 5.0. Actually, if you download the 5.0 CE snapshot build from CI you'll be able to get CDF, CDA, CGG and CDE from the marketplace. Once again, help us getting through the finish like by testing it and letting us know of the results!