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Thread: Transformation Java Execution Issue

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    Default Transformation Java Execution Issue

    We have been using kettle for quite some time now under our java application
    (using trans.execute)

    Initially the wrapper function was marked as "synchronized".

    We are not trying to remove that in order to allow parallelism but we are encountering weird errors (csv input suddently doesn't load the rows etc)

    We are calling KettleEnvironment.init(false); once when our application loads
    and before each execution we set the parameters on the transformation (e.g. the csv path)
    trans.setParameterValue("csv_path", "/tmp/myfile.csv");

    Any idea what could cause this? Is it possible that the variables are shared across transformations?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    If you will create example with dumb data and call call example, for anyone can easily reproduce this - you can put this as a bug/improvement into jira -
    and put a link here.

    Hope this will speed up answer discovery.

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