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Thread: PDI on linux, Spoon on Windows

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    Default [Solved] PDI on linux, Spoon on Windows


    I've installed PDI/Kettle on a Linux machine (no graphical display allowed) in order to schedule jobs/transformations
    but I want to use "Spoon" graphic interface on my Windows desktop to do the ETL.
    I want to use database-repository (NOT file-repo).

    Is it possible?
    How can I do this?
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    You may consider to use linux machine as a repository (means database is installed on linux machine), and have a Carte instance (which is Jetty server that run Kettle transformations under the hood) installed on same linux machine.
    Then - you can install on Win machine Spoon only - and use this to create Jobs/trans (they are a xml files actually).
    Then - you will save your work in repository - (under the hood repository is apache vfs - so technically your xml jobs/trans will persists in a database, which you have choose to run repository, and since database is running on linux machine - they will be stored there).
    And then - if you want to run it form win Spoon on remote linux machine - you can run it on linux Carte (Jetty server) server as mentioned before.
    And if you want to see execution of them - you can choose remote execution from Spoon win client - pointing on remote slave server (Carte instance) on linux machine.

    Is this will be an option?

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    I've just added the repositories.xml (in ~/.kettle) file from Windows to Linux.
    ./ -rep=MyRepoName -user=RepoUser -pass=P4s$ -job=JobName

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    Another option : Use
    - spoon as development tool on Windows system(s)
    - store transformations and jobs in a source code repository, e.g. svn
    - get trafos and jobs from svn repo into the linux system

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