Running PDI 4.4.0 Community Edition on my Linux box and everything is working.

I have a transform that queries a database and outputs the results to a file on my local box.

When I try to execute the transform on a remote server using Carte the transform executes but the location
of where I need the file to output changes.

On my local box I use /home/peter/pentaho/var/output
On the remote box I want to use /usr/local/pentaho/var/output

I have tried using a variable ${PENTAHO_OUT} defined in the file on the local box and everything works find.
When I execute the transform on the remote server I get that /home/perter/pentaho/var/output does not exist and the transform fails.

How do I modify the transform to use relative paths or use the ${PENTAHO_OUT} defined on the sever it is executing on.

I am pretty new to this whole Pentaho thing.