Does anyone know of a Java carte client that will do something like:

a) accept a .kjb file + runtime configuration (variables, arguments, etc)
b) bundle up a zipfile containing the .kjb, all child .ktrs, and the __job_execution_configuration__.xml file
c) addExport the zip to the carte server
d) startJob on the carte server
e) (perhaps) poll the carte server using jobStatus, blocking until the job is complete.

Our use case is that we have some pretty complex .kjb's that we do automated testing on. Due to some Hibernate jar hell issues, we want these automated tests to execute in a different jvm than the one that is running the tests. Right now we're shelling out to to run each .kjb, but we have hundreds of tests and we're adding more every day, and the time to shell out really adds up.

Carte seems like an ideal solution to this and I've started teasing a nice clean carte client out of spoon, but it looks nontrivial to make such a thing and I don't want to repeat effort.

Alternatively, if anyone is doing speedy automated validation of .kjbs and wants to share their strategy, I'm all ears.