InfiniDB just launched version 4 with some key highlights:

  • InfiniDB 4 is now GPL v2, with no syntax, performance, or scalability limitations. Woohoo!
  • There is now a public AMI on Amazon licensed under GPL v2. Customer feedback shows about 4x-8x faster than Redshift for analytic style queries.
  • We have added Windowing Analytic functions to InfiniDB, our first extension beyond the base MySQL-compatible syntax.

In addition to all of the above, we now have InfiniDB for Hadoop, which runs on top of either a Hortonworks or Cloudera distribution. Similar to Impala, InfiniDB is a non-map/reduce engine that runs on your existing Hadoop cluster, reading and writing to HDFS natively. However, InfiniDB offers a 10x-1000x improvement over other SQL on Hadoop alternatives (Hive, Pig, Impala) in addition to offering richer SQL Syntax and product maturity (version 4 vs. version 1.1 for Impala).