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Thread: Extracting multiple ZIP files.

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    Default Extracting multiple ZIP files.

    Hello all,
    Just wanted to thank you all and this forum for the wonderful support.

    I'm having an issue in one of my ETLs where I am extracting multiples KMZ files then pulling the KML in order to be later used in table inputs.

    Attached is currently an example of the logic that is in place where multiple URLs are copied to results then a HTTP is used to download the KMZ file which is later unzipped. Unfortunately, I am running into the issue where when the HTTP is too quick that I only end up with one files because of the time stamp.

    Is there another method in order to take the URL's and extract the KML files to make sure every URL is being read? In the actual ETL there will be at max 10 URLs that may be coming through any XML file.

    tl;dr Want to read KML from KMZ files but cannot consistently download multiple files...



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    No need to download ZIP archives explicitly, since Kettle comes VFS enabled.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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