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Thread: Performance Issue

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    Default Performance Issue

    We have some performance issue on Pentaho like we are copying all the tables whichever required as part of extraction from Sybase to Oracle DB and then we are starting extraction process.

    Now the performance is very slow (approximately 8 hrs. to 16 hrs.)It is taking very long time to finish activity. Sometimes like if we run the same extraction process after 4hours idle time (we are not running any process on Pentaho) activity finished very fast (approximately 45 mins).

    But we have tried to clear the cache and not able to clear. Any any idea about this issue?


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    Hmm, can you provide some more information?

    What amount of data are you moving? (Example: 16 hours to copy 100TB of rdbms data is ok to me ;-) )
    How do you dump to target? Table output, insert/update? Commit size, parallel processing?
    How about network performance/latency? Do you have a fast/direct connection to each host?
    Are there other major database connections active while processing (maintenance, backup..) ?

    If you run your tansformation in spoon, you can do some performance measurements. Check "Step Metrics"/"Performance Graph" pane's.

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