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Thread: JSONPath and PDI's MongoDB Input step

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    Default JSONPath and PDI's MongoDB Input step

    I wonder if someone could clarify the relationship between PDI's MongoDB Input Step and JSONPath. There are a couple forum posts that refer to this reference but I'm not sure why simple looking queries aren't working.

    For example, I need to transform some user documents stored in a mongo collection, using a document structure like:

      "_id" : ObjectId("5d7a5034041ba5fe61010003"),
      "classID" : "14",
      "userID": "10",
      "otherField": "other data..."
    If I query for a specific user id, I have no trouble:

    { "$query" : { "userID" : "10" } }
    However if I try to use a wildcard, I get no rows. I would expect the following JSONPath queries to return a row (containing one string field) for each user document in the collection but instead they fail:

    { "$query" : "$..*" }
    { "$query" : { "userID" : "*" } }
    The wiki has some information on basic operations but precious little on the query syntax. Any suggestions, pointers or clarifications would be greatly appreciated.
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    Found some additional query samples which are enough for my immediate needs. If there's a tutorial or article on Mongo + PDI somewhere, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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