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Thread: Understanding the Kitchen Log

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    Default Understanding the Kitchen Log

    Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but can someone explain how to understand this log?

    Call DB Procedure 3 2 - Finished processing (I=0, O=0, R=5, W=5, U=0, E=0) - What does each letter mean? I am assuming I = input?, O= output? R = read? W = written? No Idea what U or E means. I'm assuming these numbers pertain to rows or records?


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    I/O = Input/Output: these are the number of rows a step transfers to/from an external source such as a database or file. For files, Output includes header and footer rows.
    R/W = Read/Write: these are the number of rows a step reads in from a previous step or writes out to the next step.
    U = Update: this is the number of database records that were modified by a step.
    E = Error: the number of errors encountered by a step.
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    Thanks very much!

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