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Thread: Custom plugin MetaData Injection and step-attributes.xml problem

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    Default Custom plugin MetaData Injection and step-attributes.xml problem

    I wrote a custom step plugin, and would like to wire it for MetaData injection.
    I read the wiki
    and my understanding is that I just need to implement the
    getStepInjectionMetadataEntries() and injectStepMetadataEntries() methods in my StepMeta?

    Say my new plugin step is called Fred. So I have,,,

    I added StepMetaInjectionInterface to my FredStepMeta declaration:
    FredStepMeta extends BaseStepMeta implements StepMetaInterface, StepMetaInjectionInterface

    BaseStepMeta .getStepInjectionMetadataEntries uses attributes, and should have loaded "step-attributes.xml", but that does not seem to
    work for my custom step plugin.
    I placed the step-attributes.xml file into the plugin directory, and it is getting deployed along with the plugin.xml file, but it is not getting loaded by the

    What do I need to do to add "step-attributes.xml" so it will get read?

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    I found the answer to my question.
    1) MetaData injection requires a "step-attributes.xml" file to be located in the plugin jar file, this is read by
    2) The plugin step that is to be injected must be connected by hops to other steps. My initial test case used a transform that only contained my custom step, and after some searching I found that the getStepMetaInterface() is called only when the step is connected.
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