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Thread: Using lookup databa

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    Unhappy Using lookup databa

    I'm trying to insert data into a table, extracting data from one table comparing one field from another field using the lookup DATABASE type. I used the type SELECT VALUES to exclude that one with null values, but it still being used by kettle to insert into the output table. Just one field has the data which is of my interest, but seems to me just with the value null one being accessed.

    Please someone could guive some tips how to utilize the select values properly?

    Error inserting row into table [dim_service] with values: [White Label], [TIM], [Assinatura], [Acotel MMS], [100], [null]

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    I am not sure how you are attempting to use "Select values" to exclude nulls, but my first instinct would be to use a "Filter rows" step. You can check specifically if a field is null and then redirect only the rows that pass to the next step. The "Filter rows" dialog is a bit unclear, but the "=" in the default comparison is a drop-down which you can use to select "IS NULL" or "IS NOT NULL." Make sure to direct the rows you don't want to a Dummy step so you can just end processing there.

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