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Thread: Hadoop version for PDI 4.4

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    Angry Hadoop version for PDI 4.4

    I tried to use (Hadoop 1.2.1, hadoop -2.2.0) with PDI 4.4 and it did not work. My question is very clear. What Hadoop version works with PDI 4.4? Also I tried to follow the steps in some postings to change the JARS for PDI but it did not work. Please provide me the straight steps to change the Hadoop version for PDI. I think to change the Hadoop version for PDI should be very easy to try it and to make sure that work fine. I need this to advice my company to use Pentaho with big data (if it works fine).

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    We have to change the plugins one folder for Data_Integration (PDI 4.4) to make PDI works with Hadoop by doing :

    1. Go to “data-integration\plugins\pentaho-big-data-plugin\hadoop-configurations\hadoop-20”
    2. Copy the folder (hadoop-20) to hadoop-121
    3. cp –r hadoop-20 hadoop-121
    4. Delete (commons-codec-<version>.jar & hadoop-core-<version>.jar) from “hadoop-121\lib\client\”
    5. Copy the files (commons-codec-<version>.jar & hadoop-core-<version>.jar) from your Hadoop version to “hadoop-121\lib\client\”
    6. Add the file commons-configuration-<version>.jar from Hadoop version folder to “hadoop-121\lib\client\”
    7. Change [ data-integration /plugins/ pentaho-big-data-plugin/] by pointingto the new flder:
    8. Start spoon noew “./

    “It worked fine”

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