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Thread: Join Rows in many Tables

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    Default Join Rows in many Tables

    Hi everybody,

    I have read many CSV-Files with the format "name", "symbol"(key), "value". The CSV-Files are created every 30 minutes with a time stamp in the filename
    The fields are for example:
    "Firma 1","F1","84"
    "Firma 2","F2", "67"
    "Firma 3...."

    I have circa 30 CSV-Files of this type and I want following:
    I need a Operation, that I have for every "symbol" the chronological sequence in one table:
    Table name: "<symbol>",
    with the values:
    "2013-11-18 07:00PM", "84"
    "2013-11-18 07:300PM", "85"

    I hope yxou understand my problem, because I dont speak english very well.

    Best regards,

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    Specify a short filename field on the advanced tab of your Text File Input step.
    That way the file's timestamp becomes a regular field you can dissect any way you see fit before shooting the rows to that table.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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