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Thread: Connection of pentaho with paradox database

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    Default Connection of pentaho with paradox database

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    I made a connection to a Paradox database with report designer. in working with the web page ("http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Home") I could not make this connection to make a dashboard.
    I noticed as shown in the two images that with report designer there are three choices "Native (JDBC), ODBC, JNDI" so that in the other hand there is only "Native (JDBC)".
    Please explain why this difference and how I can add these three choices in the Users page bi-server ("http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Home")

    thank you

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    Is your server running on a Windows system? ODBC is a Windows-only technology (although there is a specification for other platforms, most database vendors do not bother - for cross platform support they provide either native libraries or JDBC drivers).

    If your database vendor does not supply a JDBC driver (and with Corel's history I doubt they do) then you would have to buy a commercial driver from a 3rd party vendor, or setup a Windows server to run your BI-server installation. Either way it wont be a free option, you either pay for the driver or for your Windows server licenses.
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    I work on windows, also I have INTERSOLV driver that i created with him many ODBC data sources (I have already used these with talend).
    I do not understand why the connection works with report desigenr and not with the server page(localhost:8080)
    is there a configuration in the server to allow the same configuration of report designer?

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    Maybe the floppy is dying. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.

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