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Thread: How can I refresh solutions repository from a URL, command line or else

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    Default How can I refresh solutions repository from a URL, command line or else

    Hi forum,

    I have this request of releasing new reports as part of a deployment script. I'm using BI-CE 4.8 with CTools.

    Everything is set in the build process, and the new report suite (a folder under a specific solution) contains a set of reports selected out of a set of pre-made CDE templates stored in git repo. The build script replaces variables in index.xml and in all .wcdf, .cdfde and .cda files that make up a report. It then creates the tarball and extracts it inside pentaho-solutions/{solution}/{new-report} folder.

    The script takes care access permissions as well by querying the DB and performing inserts/updates to PRO_ACLS_LIST as necessary. However, this last step should be executed AFTER the solutions repository has been refreshed.

    There goes the problem. During the deployment, no UI is involved. The refresh repository action should be fired outside of Pentaho UI or Pentaho admin console. I'm searching for pentaho REST API and the only thing I found is pentaho-cws which is not clear if it is up-to-date or compatible with my BI version 4.8.

    I've also stepped on posts mentioning Saiku web services, I'm not sure if this is what I really need for that.

    Should I invest my time playing with pentaho-cws or keep on looking?
    Any help will be greatly welcome and appreciated.


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    I found it!

    It was in a jira issue: Create Xaction and Webservice that is equivalent to Tools > Refresh > Reporting Data Cache

    .. and I'm so happy !!

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