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Thread: Regex evaluation step - regexp as a variable

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    Question Regex evaluation step - regexp as a variable


    I'm developing a job, with several transformations. The purpose of first transformation is to extract timestamp from input filename - let's name it "extract_ts". Because I have several types of files, and each of them contains a timestamp, I want the extract_ts transformation to have regex as a parameter so I can change it for different kind of files.

    Inside of the extract_ts I have Regex evaluation step where I insert the regular expression. It works well if I put actual regexp text there - like ^.*$. But if I put a parameter name - ${p_regexp} instead - it blames for incorrect regular expression. There is a $-sign in a diamond for this input so I guess there is a way to do what i want.

    You help is appreciated!
    Thank you!

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    Don't forget to enable variable substitution.

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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marabu View Post
    Don't forget to enable variable substitution.
    This is what i missed! Thank you so much!

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