Hi Every one,
It is wondering me with the installation issue in Windows , I started installing 5.0 CE in windows machine.. and 4.8 in again in another windows machine..

Problem 1:
5.0 CE installation problemWindows)
1. Installed java software in 'D' drive and set path, classpath, java_home, jre_home in system and environment variable where ever it required properly.
2. Clicked on start-pentaho.bat file
Problem is here :
It is not blinking and closing in sec.. but not the tomcat is running.

Problem 2:
4.8 CE installation problem:
1. Installed java in "D" drive and set every thing properly.
2. I can run the pentaho server with out any issue in this stage.
Problem is here :
When I click on Mraket place, it is not connecting to the server and not showing the plug-in details to install.

Problem 3:
I have installed 4.8 and 5.0 CE versions .... individually when I run the servers , those are working perfectly but when I run the two tomcat servers with different port numbers one of the server(BA) is not coming up..
Will not two servers run on same machine with different port numbers and with different versions ?