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Thread: PDI carte web service - change default username/password

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    Default PDI carte web service - change default username/password

    I am trying to use PDI data over web service for the first time, following the information from the wiki:

    Use an instance of Carte that runs on your local host on port 8282 (execute 8282) to get the data in your browser.

    For file (XML) based transformations:http://*username:password@hostname:port/kettle/executeTrans/?trans=PathTo{}File*
    For transformations stored in a repository:http://*username:password@hostname:port/kettle/executeTrans/?rep=RepositoryName&user=RepositoryUser&pass=RepositoryPassword&trans=PathTo{}TransformationInRepository*
    Please note that you need to replace forward slashes with %2F in your browser.
    I finally figured out that the username and password are both "cluster". According to the Carte configuration (
    I should be able to pass in the name of the config file, such as:

    carte.bat carte_config.xml

    where my carte_config.xml contains:


    But when I run it, it only seems to load the port number (8086) from my carte_config.xml file, and it ignores the username and password, which are still set to cluster:cluster.

    What am I missing?

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    I found the answer in

    Carte uses basic authentication to control access to the web services.
    The default user and password to use to gain control is "cluster".
    You can change either of these in the file pwd/kettle.pwd

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