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Thread: Copy results from a Text output plugin to another Text Input plugin

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    Default Copy results from a Text output plugin to another Text Input plugin


    I have been trying to copy results from the file in Text file Output into the file in Text file input plugin. Using the Copy rows to results plugin is not helping. Any suggestions please. I have attached a screenshot for better reference.

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    The Copy rows to result works between transformations that are part of the same job.
    What you need to do is create another hop from the Select value 2 step (select the option Copy) and point it to Modify Java Script.
    You don't need to have a Text file input.
    -- Mick --

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    Here is a view from a different angle:

    As an input step, "Text File Input" only accepts configuration data.
    If you detach and delete "Copy Rows To Result" and "Text File Input", "Modified Java Script Value 2" will just continue to process the rows, that were written to a file by "Text File Output".

    You should tell more about what you want to achieve with that transformation, else you might end up with suggestions about what you could change to make your transformation look more like one we remember ...
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Think in diffrent way.....

    1. whatever data comming from databse input ...use copy rows to result one transformation.
    2. in another transformation start from get rows from result and use step same as you use after text input file.

    Try this way..
    Vishal Kumar

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