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Thread: Kettle Job Broken in BI Server 5.0.1

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    Default Kettle Job Broken in BI Server 5.0.1

    So in BI Server 4.8, we were able to use the file system. In 5.0.1, it is now using Jackrabbit content repository.

    So I have a Kettle job that calls a transformation. In 4.8 the location of this transformation is something like this: ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory}/transformation.ktr

    Now this is broken in 5.0.1 because there doesn't seem to be a directory any more. If I remove the transformation call in my Kettle job, the job executes successfully. But when I add in a transformation call inside the job, it errors out. So I know that I pinpoint it to a problem where the location of the Kettle transformation is not being found. So with this new Jackrabbit content repository, how do I make this work?
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    I got it figured out. I had to end up using a database repository instead of a file system. So I call another transformation by calling the repository instead.

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